The Chicago Mega Shop software is a small online web application. It is a demo Point of Sales component of the PayLive Payment System's online payment operation. It is not intended to be commercial grade software and does not employ significant security protocols or sophisticated abilities. It is intended to be part of the overall prototype demonstration of PayLive. It is not be part of the operating PayLive product, or shipped with the operational product, but runs in place of the actual online shop of the company operating PayLive.

When a consumer buyer selects a number of sale items at various prices, the cart maintains the total price for payment. When the buyer processes through the payment system, it appears that they will be charged to Total Price of the cart's items. In fact, as this is only a demonstration of the payment abilities, the consumer's credit card will only be charged $1.01 so that you may validate that the system did in fact deliver a charge to your credit card for payment.

Again, no matter what the Total Charge is in the cart at the time of payment, your credit card will not be charged more than a total amount of one dollar and one cent ($1.01).